Tec LoL Ranking (TLR)

E-sports is the sport of the future, billions of dollars of revenues and prestige, a lot of teams around the word and Mexico is a little behind of all this, but here in the Tecnologico of Monterrey campus Guadalajara, we have our new arena gaming for our representative teams of e-sports so we think about the problems that we have. So we look up the coach of the team of Borregos GDL Lol team.

After talking with Eder Lagos, who is in charge of the representative team of LoL in the Tec and also the new Arena.

 He told us that now they are implementing a process to choose the best players of the Tec, promoting tryouts for the people who are interested. The problem is that no much people get noticed about the try outs, and maybe there are good players who are missing this opportunity, or maybe they don’t even know that there is a representative team of LoL.

 So, the main problem is the communication with the players. With our app, the administrator will check the players stats and invite them to the try outs if they are good enough, depending of course on the ranking generated by the API.

Then we realize that here is a big opportunity to do something about this problem.

In the last years, the team Zaga Collegiate has been representing TEC Guadalajara on a university league, in which compete universities all around Mexico. Their goal is to keep growing and to represent Mexico on an international tournament. That is why they need to be as good as they can.

Our idea is to make an API for League of Legends. This API will allow the administrators of the representative team in the University to scout and find the best players, in order to bring quality and internal competition to the Zaga Collegiate team. We think that there must be awesome players hidden in the shadows, that individually play even better than the players who are in the representative team.

The way to achieve this goal is by an internal ranking where only the students from the TEC can participate. This ranking is independent from the LoL ranking. The ranking will be based in the final score of the game (Win/Defeat), the KDA of the player (Kills+Assists/Deaths), LoL ranking from the opponents (if the opponent is ranked Gold, it will give more points than a player ranked in Silver) and the grade obtained at the end of each game.

We will combine this information to generate a formula to determine how many points the player will win or lose on the TEC ranking. All the players information will be divided in the LoL positions: Mid laner, Top laner, Jungler, Support and AD Carry. All this information will be available for the coach and the administrators of the representative team, so they can invite or investigate more in detail a specific player.

The users can also create a league where they can invite friends and prove who is the best of the group. The idea is to help TEC players to develop their skill on the game and to have a good time with their friends.

Lets talk about our stakeholders:

  • Normal player: A student of the Tec that plays League of Legends as a hobby. This is the user of the API. His statistics will be saved on the API.
  • Representative team player: A student of the Tec that is a member of the Zaga Collegiate representative team. This is the user of the API. His statistics will be saved on the API.
  • Administrator: He is in charge of analysing the performance of the best players in the API. He has statistics of all the players at hand.
  • Client: Our client is the person in charge of the representative team in the Tec. He is the most interested part on the project.

Our requirements give for our stakeholders

Normal player: Get an app where I can compete with all the other players in the Tec, in order to have the opportunity to be in the representative team. At the same time, rank my friends in customized leagues between us.

Representative team player: Get an app where I can prove that I am the best player in the Tec on my position. Generate internal competence. Rank with my friends to help them being better. Check players which are in the top of the ranking and see their stats. 

Administrator: Get an app where I can see the stats of all the students who play LoL in the Tec. The purpose is to generate a giant scouting app, and the most important thing for me is to have an easy way to contact them if needed. Those people who I am interested in will be invited to the try outs of the representative team.

Client: Get my campus representative team as competitive as they can. Get the best players in each position representing the Tec.

Use Cases

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