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Well we have a lot of thing that can help us with this topic in previous blogs we talk about how some tools of UML will help us, but what about a new Language, when we have to convert some new to a class -> table->code this process if we think about it maybe we said that it’s really easy but let’s talk more about this.

But first after all I will let you a course that really help me to understand this kind of topic.

The activity of software development involves several participants. For example the programmer, the customer, the team leader and some others more. But In the functional part there exist a dilemma when you are going to develop an application. Which language is the appropriate for do it. Now there are so many languages that are getting popularity between the software environment.

After the firs steps of the software development cycle when you already have a solution for the problem you need to implement it. So, here is the part when you need to decide which language to use and also the paradigm.
There are different paradigms like:

  • Procedural Paradigm
  • Functional Paradigm
  • Object Oriented Paradigm (OOP)

Here I will focus on the OOP. Once you choose the paradigm then you can start thinking about the language to use. As paradigms there are different languages for this paradigm. Some of them focused in the OOP and some others are like mixtures of one or two paradigms.

In my experience taking design models to a specific language is not a difficult task because there are so many documentation of how to do it, I did that with Java and is not so hard. The main thing to take care when you are working with java as I said in past post is to have a good design to build good software.

Another option is to choose any other language as C, C++ or Python but the main idea is the same. The only thing you need to consider changing of language is the syntax of each one because the majority use a different syntax.

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