Final Delivery

Final Delivery What did you learn about the process of design in this course/project? Besides learning many types of design patterns and models, new techniques were discovered throughout the process of this project. The design of use cases was something that we had done before, but with these practices we discovered new ways to express […]

OO and Agile

One of the most difficult tasks in software development is to put all the pieces together, because sometimes you aren’t working alone, and each programmer has a different style of programming. Thus, it could be a problem if you don’t know what to do with all the parts of the software. So there’s why know […]

Test Driven Development

A lot of methodologies are used in software development but one of that I really use in my work and sometimes in the school is the Test Driven development, and one great thing that this semester happened to my is met to Kent Beck the creator of this test. So let me pass some of […]

Testing in OO

One of today’s topic is object-oriented testing. Testing OO is a group of techniques to verify and validate object-oriented software. Testing is one of the last steps of the software development cycle. Then, in each system it should be accurate to solve all the possible mistakes made. This part is very important because you can […]

Verification and Validation

Today I am going to talk about two concepts that sound very similar but are totally different. Every single project involves a series of methodologies that result in the solution for problem. I talked on past post about the process of developing software and I include some advises that can be helpful to you. Also […]

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